Yunong Shi Awarded NSF QISE-NET Fellowship

Yunong Shi's collaborative research program will develop software to optimize quantum compliation for near-term quantum machines and will be jointly supervised by Andrew Cross (IBM) and Fred Chong (UChicago) .  The project is a "Triplet" within the NSF Quantum Leap Big Idea umbrella. Each triplet is comprised of a three-person team which includes a university faculty member, an industrial researcher, and a graduate student serving as the pivotal component of the group. Three-year QISE-NET awards are specifically designed to bridge the the second quantum revolution's workforce development gap, and to increase academia-industry interactions.

Yunong Shi's work will be a key mechanism to make quantum algorithms run more efficiently on realistic machines. In addition to thesis development this award will enable extended visits to IBM, and network – level mentoring opportunities. QISE-NET awards are only made to projects that represent exciting, leading-edge, trail-blazing research topics in Quantum Information Science (QISE) that exhibit the potential for growth and follow-on work between the student, company and academic groups, and which demonstrate strong alignment between the activities of the academic group and the industrial group.

UChicago News article on QISE-NET