Education and Outreach

If quantum computing is to realize its promise in the near future, it needs a community of researchers to fill the research gap between theoretical algorithms and physical hardware. A major goal of EPiQC is to grow this urgently-needed community of computer science researchers for quantum computing.  We target two populations - current computer science researchers who are not yet in quantum computing and the next generation of researchers.

Tutorial: DATE in Florence, Italy on March 29, 2019.  Details and online materials coming soon.


We are developing two types of resources for current computer science researchers to transition into quantum computing researchers. First, we are developing open-source tools to lower the bar of entry. Second, we are creating and delivering tutorial materials to knowledge necessary to understand quantum computation, the next set of compelling research problems, and how computer scientists can contribute. Learn More



Resources for undergraduate and graduate students will have two thrusts. First, create abstractions to make it easier to understand how to use existing kernels to create new quantum computing applications. Second, create instructional resources that provide the conceptual foundations underpinning quantum computing and the grand-challenge problems to be solved, specifically tailored to computer science students.

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We will develop resources tailored to K-12 students and the general public that will build the conceptual foundations of quantum computing, with a specific focus on physics  and computing concepts that are both crucial to quantum computing and underdeveloped in current curricula. This will be coupled with partnerships with organizations that directly interact with the public to perform outreach.