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We are working strategically with existing organizations to create educational content that can be deployed to large numbers of existing participants.

Our curriculum plan is to look at gaps in current education offerings. We will specifically focus on physics  and computing concepts that are both crucial to quantum computing and underdeveloped in age-appropriate curricula.

High School:

CT-STEM -  CT-STEM is a Northwestern University project working to design and research computationally enhanced high school science and math curriculum. We are partnering with them to create a module for introducing computational thinking into a physics class that will align with physics curriculum, focused towards concepts important for quantum computing.

Middle School:

Scratch Encore - Scratch Encore is a curriculum being developed for middle school students to take after an introductory code.org or Google CS First course. As part of its commitment to diversity, it has threads that teachers can choose that integrate content relevant to their students. We are partnering with them to create a Science+CS theme that integrates science labs with intermediate programming. The science labs will map to NGSS standards and focus on aspects of physics that are important for quantum computing.