EPiQC Publications To Appear

Prakash Murali, Ali Javadi-Abhari, Frederic T. Chong, and Margaret Martonosi, “Formal Constraint-based Compilation for Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Systems”, (Microprocessors and Microsystems 2019)

Adam Holmes, Yongshan Ding, Ali Javadi-Abhari, Diana Franklin, Margaret Martonosi, and Frederic T. Chong, “Resource Optimized Quantum Architectures for Surface Code Implementations of Magic-State Distillation”, (Microprocessors and Microsystems 2019)

Adam Bene Watts, Robin Kothari, Luke Schaeffer and Avishay Tal: Exponential separation between shallow quantum circuits and unbounded fan-in shallow classical circuits, (STOC 2019)